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    Maintenance #1

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    In today's maintenance we have fixed some things and changed others, please check it out!

      Server Change Log


        • Activated Multiple Refiner NPC.

        Find Sage Worm & Creamy Event

        • Now the events will be handle only in Prontera, Payon and Geffen.
        • Added the Map Name to the Monster Kill announcement. 

        MVP Ladder

        • Added MVP Ladder Event NPC in Prontera (/navi prontera 154/197).
        • The prize is 100 Gold Coins if your party finishes the Ladder in 60 minutes and 150 Gold Coins if your party finishes it in 45 minutes.
        • MVPs will not drop loots, but you will receive 1 Token Of Siegfried  for each round completed.


        • Added announcer to share information about the server mechanics. 

        Rachel Sanctuary

        • Removed the 500.000.000Z donation requirement. 

        iRO Repeatable Exp Quest

        1. Activated rAthena version of Repeatable Exp Quest.
        • Changed the Server Quest Exp Rate from 5x to 2x.
        • Removed Acorn Dealer NCP from Moscovia.
        • Removed Antelope Horns from Tool Dealer in Niflheim.
        • Removed Bill of Birds from Item Collectors in Morroc Ruins.

        Donation Manager

        • Removed the NPC.
        • We are no longer exchanging Donations for Cash Points.
        • Now Cash Points can only be obtainable from MVPs and certain Mini Bosses.

        MVP/Mini Boss Gold Coin Reward

        Cash Shop

        • Now all Cash Shop items are tradeable.
        • Changed Headgears Price Table. Check it here!

        Community Change Log


        • Removed Two Factor Authentication from the register session.


        • Added Crowdfunding for the Server, Forum and Ads.
        • If you want to really support the server, please contribute in our Crowdfunding.

        Website Change Log

        Latest News

        • Fixed Latest News Images, please clear your browser image Cache.

        That's all for now, please report any bug you find and share your suggestion in our Forums!

        We will have another maintenance in August 15 from 3AM to 5AM, server time!

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